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Job Title Job Type Country Posted by
Community Support Worker 
Permanent job
Healthcare   United Kingdom, Oxfordshire   care123
Jun 24, 17
Permanent job
Healthcare, English   Poland, Zachodniopomorskie, any   griffith
Mar 26, 17
Sales Representative - Derma Section 
Permanent job
Beauty-Cosmetics, Engineering, Healthcare, Sales   United Arab Emirates, Muscat   samo
May 14, 16
Opiekunka osób starszych 
Permanent job
Housekeeping, Nursery-Caregiving, Healthcare, Opiekunka osób starszych   Poland, Mazowieckie, Wyszków   sowapflege24
Nov 10, 15
Care Assistant 
Permanent job
Healthcare, Care Assistant   United Kingdom, Carlisle   hometrustcare
Oct 6, 15
Permanent job
Healthcare, Nurses   United Kingdom, Carlisle   hometrustcare
Oct 6, 15
Support worker / housekeeper in London 
Permanent job
Cleaning, Housekeeping, Nursery-Caregiving, Healthcare   All Countries   Stepup_77
Aug 26, 15
Permanent job
Au Pair, Babysitting, Catering, Cleaning, Housekeeping, Manufacturing, Nursery-Caregiving, Waitressing, Customer service, Education-Training, Healthcare, Office-Clerk, Translation, Sales, Sport-Recreation, Tourism-Hotel, Art-Entertainment, Modeling-Acting   Italy, Rzym   aaaapraca
Jun 24, 14
Independent (Ardyss International) Distributor 
Permanent job
Au Pair, Babysitting, Beauty-Cosmetics, Catering, Cleaning, Farming, Housekeeping, Manufacturing, Nursery-Caregiving, Waitressing, Accounting, Advertising-Media, Architecture-Construction, Banking, Customer service, Education-Training, Engineering, Healthcare, Law-Legal, IT - Telecom, Office-Clerk, Teaching, Translation, Transport-Logistics, Real Estate, Sales, Science, Sport-Recreation, Tourism-Hotel, Art-Entertainment, Modeling-Acting   United States, Florida, Naples   upanama
Apr 16, 12
Permanent job
Au Pair, Babysitting, Catering, Cleaning, Farming, Housekeeping, Nursery-Caregiving, Waitressing, Customer service, Healthcare, Sales, Sport-Recreation, Tourism-Hotel, Art-Entertainment   Italy, CALE WLOCHY   pracaitalia
Nov 27, 11
Seasonal job
Cleaning, Housekeeping, Nursery-Caregiving, Healthcare, Gardening   Norway, Oslo   gjetthvem
May 18, 11
listed jobs below 
Permanent job
Catering, Cleaning, Housekeeping, Manufacturing, Accounting, Advertising-Media, Architecture-Construction, Customer service, Education-Training, Engineering, Healthcare, Office-Clerk, Transport-Logistics, Sales, Science, Sport-Recreation, Art-Entertainment   United States, Colorado, Arizona, California and Colorado locations   Diversified
Nov 21, 10
General and Personal Assistant - Live-in 
Permanent job
Catering, Cleaning, Housekeeping, Nursery-Caregiving, Accounting, Customer service, Healthcare, Office-Clerk, Teaching, Personal assistant with experience in some or all of the specified categories   United Kingdom, Nr Banbury   rogerr
Jun 27, 10
Chinese Massage 
Seasonal job
Healthcare, Masseuse   Malta, St. Julian's   Guang
May 8, 10
feamale assitent to couple 
Seasonal job
Housekeeping, Healthcare, Modeling-Acting, Massage   Sweden, Borgholm   nyfikenvi3
Feb 12, 10
medical office receptionist 
Permanent job
Customer service, Healthcare, Office-Clerk, medical office receptionist   United States, New Jersey, Clifton   excellence
Jan 18, 10
Permanent job
Beauty-Cosmetics, Catering, Cleaning, Farming, Housekeeping, Nursery-Caregiving, Healthcare, Translation, Transport-Logistics, Sales, Tourism-Hotel, Jobs in Denmark   Denmark, Vejle   Jens_43
Oct 21, 09
Polish housekeeper needed, single person, £250 a week 
Permanent job
Au Pair, Cleaning, Housekeeping, Healthcare, i am a partially disabled 65 year old widower with 3 boys [ 17,14 and 12 ] to bring up.   United Kingdom, london   shraga
Oct 11, 09
Permanent job
Housekeeping, Healthcare   United Kingdom, Ipswich   Mikeuk
Oct 10, 09
Aesthetic Nurse 
Permanent job
Beauty-Cosmetics, Healthcare, I am seriousl looking for an aestheic nurse who has good experiece in botox and collagen injections.   Poland, Dolnośląskie, Any   n4jha
Sep 25, 09
Permanent job
Cleaning, Housekeeping, Healthcare, A cleaner cum health care assistant required   United Kingdom, leamington spa   n4jha
Sep 8, 09
Seasonal job
Nursery-Caregiving, Healthcare   United Kingdom, Pembroke   Warlock
Jun 8, 09
Biotechnology webmaster 
Permanent job
Healthcare, IT - Telecom, Science, biotechnologie and painting and cleaning house   Poland, Pomorskie, GDANSK   gentaur
Mar 13, 09