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Care Assistant for elderly people in Germany

Posted by: RekruterAC / Dec 2, 14

Job Offer

Wanted: Nursery-Caregiving

Country of Residence: Poland
Województwo: Dolnośląskie
City: Wrocław

Job Type: Permanent job
Days per Week: 7
Hours per Day: 20
Approximate Rate: $ USD 1200 per job done
Payment Terms: Monthly
Education: Doesn't matter
Languages required: Polish, German
Drivers license: Doesn't matter
Smoking: Doesn't matter
Availability to start to work: As soon as possible
Should move to the country of employer: No

Job Description:
CARE of the elderly and SICK People

ALTEN CARE24 is a licensed employment agency specializing in finding people willing to work in Germany. Currently they are looking for people willing to work on the post: nanny/caregiver to elderly.

They are looking for people over 30 years of age, good understanding the German language and are ready to take a job overseas. We look forward to the experience in caring for elderly, often sick and good personality traits that are necessary to undertake this type of work. Workplace are homes of potential students, we offer a fixed rate, and some jobs.
From our website we provide legal and safe employment, together with insurance of the NFZ and a private insurance policy. Dates for the trips, and the order is matched individually to the future guardian/caregiver. Flexible conditions of employment and remuneration is our asset.

Do you want to work in Germany, have a legitimate and well paying jobs but . . . . . . do not speak the language?
Our company organizes specialized courses j. German for caregivers without leaving home-Skype or stationary at a competitive price (course lasts 60 hours. The company for $ 400 after the exam). Do not wait with taking decisions and subscribe today!

Additional information: If you are interested in offer, please send your CV to the following address: rekruter. *****@***** com or please contact us by phone at number + 48 666245225 as well as on the website of the https://www. facebook. com/AgencjaAC24

If this offer meets your needs, do not hesitate to contact us!
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