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Working from home via the Internet

Posted by: TomCh / Dec 17, 20

Job Offer

Wanted: Beauty-Cosmetics, Healthcare

Country of Residence: Poland
Województwo: Wielkopolskie
City: Cały kraj

Job Type: Permanent job
Approximate Rate: Zl PLN 3000 per job done
Payment Terms: Per job done
Education: Doesn't matter
Languages required: Polish
Drivers license: Doesn't matter
Smoking: Doesn't matter
Availability to start to work: As soon as possible
Should move to the country of employer: Doesn't matter

Job Description:
Since I lost my job myself, I became interested in a new self-employed job, a job that gives independence and comfort, no boss (I decide how much time I will spend), a new and better lifestyle and more free time. It allows me to build new relationships, make contacts and meet new people.
Growing financial satisfaction is also very important.

There is no income bracket for this job!

The amount of income depends only on your activity. I am currently devoting this job, 3-4 hours a day, working mainly via the Internet and my earnings are growing month by month.
Are you looking for a permanent full-time job? Please just bear in mind that it is not really permanent work! And this is probably what you are experiencing ... :) Building financial independence, when you decide how much time you spend working, is the surest activity in our life. Nobody limits you to your workplace, to working hours, to the next stress associated with the trial period. Finally, you don't have to accept the employer's financial offer. You increase it yourself and it is hereditary. Of course, nothing by force. Your decision your life.
Working on the Internet allows you to establish contacts and meet new people from practically all over the world.
And so ?
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