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Sending text message around 8 times a day to customers about banking trading information but must have to do it if needed at night as well does not have to leave home

Posted by: Trading2change / Apr 18, 21

Job Offer

Wanted: Banking, Phone work texting .can be from anywhere in poland or russia £30 to £60a day if good.

Country of Residence: Poland
Województwo: Dolnośląskie
City: Any city must be able to tex message in english

Job Type: Permanent job
Days per Week: 7
Hours per Day: 24
Approximate Rate: £ GBP 30.6 per job done
Payment Terms: Negotiable
Education: Doesn't matter
Languages required: Polish, English, Russian, As long as you can speak english and tex message fast
Drivers license: Doesn't matter
Smoking: Doesn't matter
Availability to start to work: Negotiable
Should move to the country of employer: No

Job Description:
Hello I'm looking for a lady from poland I'm from england and I know you work hard.I need you to send around 8 to 10 messages a day including Saturday and Sunday the messages will contain detains about banking trades from around the world it doesn't matter where you come from ukraine poland russia I will need you from August 2021 I will pay you 30gbp but if you are good and don't miss a tex message I will give you 60gbp and as our business grows I will pay you more you do a good job I will repay you.I wanted to give you women a chance as I know the war in donbass is terrible I would rather help you then a women in england.You don't have to speak to anyone except me but you do have to talk english so you can write the tex messages also sometimes you will have to tex at night time but only about 8 times a day weekends and Sundays are not as busy.You will be providing bankers from london new your singapore Dubai with information on how much to invest for thousands of pounds but as I say as our business grows I will pay you better you might be able to get a friend to help you so when the tex message is sent to you you can copy it fast and send it out quickly.you do not have to leave your home or children.ok let me know if you are interested my email is *****@***** also it won't be untill august.thankyou John
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