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For Employers and Business Owners Who Want to Hire Polish Women in Poland or Abroad

Finding and keeping an efficient and loyal employee who can make it possible to meet your business bottom line has never been easy. This applies both to jobs that require excellent education or technical skills and jobs that demand personal attention, courtesy, excellent communication skills, and practical knowledge. Polish women not only meet, but often exceed these complex working skills and abilities which are crucial in today's business world. They can easily adjust to any working condition and they know how to work under pressure. Hiring a Polish woman may be the best business decision you will have ever made!

With your minimal effort and regardless of the location of your business, PolishWomen.com will help you find an excellent Polish female employee who has every chance to become a good individual worker or be a part of your professional working team!

How to make sure your Polish female employee will meet your business expectations?

Below is some useful advice on hiring a Polish female employee that will allow your company to grow.

  • Ask your friends or colleagues if they know a Polish woman who is looking for a job. You may be surprised to find out that one of your current workers or business partners has had a Polish girlfriend or a Polish wife (that happens quite often ;).
  • Make a clear list of duties for your newly-hired employee. Even though she may know in general what you expect from her, providing detail instructions and expectations will always be the most efficient in the long run.
  • Trust your employee and always promote creativity. There are usually many different approaches to solve a problem and some "old" methods may not necessarily be the best in all situations.
  • Make use of your Polish employee’s bi-lingual language skills! Dealing with your clients or business partners in their local language may be crucial in successful negotiations or transactions.
  • Try not to be too bossy to your workers. An average Polish woman is usually very well educated (even if she hasn’t graduated from an university) and has an excellent common sense. She will usually do a good job regardless of your shouting or hurrying her up.
  • Do not forget to appreciate her hard work by giving her a bonus or a raise! It’s easy to forget your employees are actually the ones who do the job and make money for your business. You will know their true value when they are not with you anymore.
  • Try to learn some Polish and don’t forget to celebrate her Polish name day! :)

With PolishWomen.com finding a productive Polish female worker is easy and effective!

After you have signed up and created your Employer’s profile you have actually done most of the job! From there on, you can create new job offers and individually specify job requirements for each position. Each offer may be edited or removed at any time. You can also browse and search the profiles of Polish women looking for a job, add them to your Favorite Employees list, and contact them by email or phone. You could even view job offers of other employers to see how they compare with your offers as well as to check which women have showed interest in a particular job.

For your privacy, you may choose if you want to show your phone number, fax number, or email to the job seekers. You may also activate or deactivate your current job offers at any time. And the best part is that you can add an unlimited number of job offers to your Employer's profile! That will surely make your phone or fax machine to finally pay for themselves :).

Moreover, keep in mind we have taken every step to make sure both women from Poland and those who live in foreign countries post their employee profiles on our website so that you could always have an adequate selection of all valuable Polish female employees to choose from!

We wish you and your business good luck in finding an excellent Polish female employee!

The PolishWomen.com Team