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For Polish Women Seeking a Relationship with a Man from Poland or Abroad

If you are a Polish woman who lives in Poland or abroad and searches for a man of her dreams, this website is for you! We had you - a Polish woman or a woman with Polish roots - in mind when we created this website.

We know nowadays it may be difficult to find a worthwhile man whom you could share your time or lifetime with. A man who would not only want to meet you to realize his private goals, but the one who would truly take care of you and be a respected partner and friend, regardless of the length of your relationship. A lot of good Polish men have recently emigrated from Poland to other countries in search of a better life. On the other hand, many foreigners have come to Poland to work or study. Maybe, just like you, some of them are too busy or too shy to find a dating or marriage partner?

In result, we have taken all aspects into consideration to make sure also these men join this website to find a Polish woman like you!

With PolishWomen.com you will find a partner - a Pole or a foreigner - quickly!

That’s right, this website gathers attention of both Polish men living in Poland or abroad and foreigners living in Poland or abroad. They all are impatiently waiting to get to know and meet a woman they could become great friends or lifetime partners with.

With PolishWomen you are the one to choose who you want to meet and date with! All you have to do is to create your profile, upload your pictures, and start browsing quality profiles of Polish and foreign men around the world! There are numerous criteria you can select to find men, including their age, nationality, country of living, personal preferences, or even the languages they speak! Once you have found an interesting profile, you can add it to your Favorites; once you do that, the man will be automatically notified about your interest. If he also adds your profile to his Favorites, you have then become an unofficial PolishWomen couple ;). From there, only one email or private message sent by either of you can bring you together to the real, offline world. And that’s where the mission of PolishWomen.com ends (please do not forget to invite us to your wedding :).

How to increase your chances of finding a man of your dreams?

Below are a few first-hand and proven tips that will allow you to find and keep a Polish or foreign man:

  • Give yourself time for that man to come along.
  • In every relationship, look for friendship first. If you can’t be friends with a man, then the relationship won’t last long.
  • Don’t rush into physical relationships; not all physical attractions are worth pursuing.
  • Respect yourself and expect the same from your partner.
  • Whenever you can, show him you care about him. This will boost his self-confidence and will let him realize you are his true, worthy partner.
  • Remember that money does not equal happiness. Research shows the happiest couples tend to live in average or even poor economic conditions!
  • Be honest with yourself and decide what you want; if you’re trying to be in a serious relationship, apply yourself 100% and don’t look for other options at the same time.

Act now, you are worth it and PolishWomen.com is different!

Remember that being a Polish woman who has been brought up in Poland or have Polish roots, you are most likely to have the qualities that men in Poland and around the world are looking for! Give yourself a chance and take advantage of all the website features now! PolishWomen.com is not yet another dating portal where you would only waste your time and money without any results. Our goal is for you to find a worthwhile Polish or foreign man you can fall in love with quickly and stress-free!

We wish you good luck in finding a valuable man for friendship, dating, or marriage!

The Team of PolishWomen.com