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For Polish Women Looking for a Job in Poland and Abroad

If you are a Polish woman in search of a job in Poland or abroad, you have come to the right place! On PolishWomen.com you can find excellent, interesting, and (quite often) well paid jobs that have been exclusively posted on our website.

Finding a job can be a frustrating process, especially if you really depend on a steady income. Besides, each job usually brings quite a few imperfections. For example, the job may be well-paid, but it’s a long distance from your home. Or the people at the job and the job itself may be very interesting, but it’s low-paid. Like in every situation in life, you need to make a decision to determine if the job is suitable for you in the long term.

How to quickly find a good job in Poland or abroad?

Below are a few tips you could always find useful whether you start looking for a job or you are about to have a job interview.

  • Have a positive attitude. Employers are usually busy enough to have to deal with your negative attitude or personal problems.
  • Do not lie to your potential employer. Even though it may land you a job, you will be more disappointed if you don’t deliver what has been presented or promised.
  • Try to make new friends both online and offline! Finding a job through “word-of-mouth” usually takes a shorter amount of time and is less stressful.
  • Always try to improve your professional skills. Not only they look good on a resume, but they could also save you a lot of hassle and stress in your everyday working life.
  • Unless you really have to, don’t sell yourself cheap. Know your value as an efficient and creative worker.
  • When you have already found a job, try to recommend only people you know and trust. If a recommended worker is not exactly what your employer was looking for, down the road it may have a negative effect on your own professional life in that company.
  • Never badmouth your former or current employer. It will not help you find a new or a better job, but will stick a negative etiquette to you as a person and an employee.

PolishWomen.com can make the job finding process an easy and interesting experience!

We have collected information from numerous employers and have interviewed a lot of Polish women like yourself to find the common ground and make sure “you” find the job you like and “they” find an efficient and loyal employee. In theory, the process of matching an employee with an employer is complex and takes a lot time. However, we have made this process as easy and straightforward as it could be!

All you have to do is to create Employee profile and start searching or browsing through the job offers posted by employers who are specifically looking to hire a female employee with a Polish background. The fact that you have Polish roots is already a BIG plus for your prospective employer! When you find a job offer you are interested in, you can contact the employer directly by private mail, fax, or phone.

You could also select and view all active jobs from a particular employer and add both employers and job offers to your Favorites. Every time you add an employer or a job to your Favorites, the employer is automatically notified about your interest and they could even contact you first to start a hiring process!

We wish you Good Luck finding an excellent and well-paid job at PolishWomen.com!

The PolishWomen.com Team