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1. By joining PolishWomen.com, you certify that you are 18 years of age or older. You may not become a member of this Web site if you are less than 18 years old.

2. If it comes to our attention that a member has criminal record and/or may be using our Web site for criminal intent, we may remove the profile of that member. We do not perform criminal background checks; however, you agree and consent that we reserve the right to do so at any time.

3. Registered female members may use their account information only for direct personal employment. Members of our Web site have no right to authorize other individuals to use their membership or account information. Accounts are not transferrable to other people or entities.

4. You are responsible for selecting a unique username and password to ensure security and prevent other people from logging into your account.

5. Registered members and other users of this Web site assume all risk of use. These risks include unsolicited communication from other members or users, unfulfilled promises made by other members or users, potential collection of provided information by other unauthorized parties for later solicitation or other undesired communication, and any other risk associated with using our services. All members and users of our Web site agree to exercise maximum caution in providing their personal information so as to not jeopardize their personal safety and privacy.


We have no obligation to monitor or remove any information published in the public areas of our Web site or posted by the users of our Web site.

However, users of PolishWomen.com agree to comply with the following restrictions regarding the content they post or publish on our Web site:

  • No discriminatory or hateful content (including malicious computer code)
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Violations of this provision shall result in account suspension, and possibly legal proceedings.

6. Usernames that we judge to be inflammatory, profane, vulgar, rude, or promotional in any way will be removed.

7. Your profile information must be true. If we, in our sole discretion, determine your profile information (including pictures) is not real, your membership shall be suspended.

8. Only VIP members may delete their own profiles. You are responsible for deleting your own profile if you wish to do so.

9. If we determine that your registration is to promote your Web site address or any other commercial endeavor, your membership shall be suspended.

10. If you include contact information in areas not designed for it, your membership shall be suspended.

11. If you submit information (including pictures) that has been published elsewhere, that information may be removed and your membership may be suspended.

12. Your profile may be edited or removed at any time at our sole discretion. If we determine you have registered more than one profile in the same group of interests, we may remove all profiles from our database.

13. You may not post or quote any personal correspondence in your public profile.

14. You are responsible for your own profile and agree not to hold the owners and administrators of this Web site liable for any profile or messages posted. If you use derogatory or vulgar words in your profile or private messages, or if you upload obscene pictures, your profile shall be suspended. You agree not to send any obscene, vulgar, or promotional materials through the private message system. Users who violate this rule will be suspended immediately, without any recourse.

15. Once your profile is activated, you grant PolishWomen.com a soft license and permission to use your profile data and photos in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

16. The content of this Web site is copyrighted and all users agree not to duplicate or reproduce it without express written consent. All content posted by users is copyrighted by PolishWomen.com and can be used by PolishWomen.com at our discretion for any purpose, including entrepreneurial and marketing purposes.

17. The content posted by users and other third parties (not including authors represented by PolishWomen.com) is not verified as true or reliable. PolishWomen.com shall not be liable for any adverse results such content and information may produce. Other users of PolishWomen.com shall exercise caution and use such content at their own risk and discretion.

18. You agree to address any complaints regarding the use of our Web directly and on amicable basis with the officers of PolishWomen.com. You also agree to accept a reasonable solution offered by said officers, even if the solution does not fully meet your expectations or requirements. Furthermore, you agree to bring forth grievances only as an individual and not in any class action against PolishWomen.com.


19. Regular members who have been inactive (i.e. not visited the Web site) for a period of one year may be removed from our database.

20. VIP Memberships automatically expire at the end of the term. VIP Members receive a courtesy e-mail reminder/notification three days prior to the expiration date. To renew a VIP Membership, you must login and make payment. Otherwise, the membership downgrades to a regular membership.

21. No refunds will be issued for VIP Memberships.

22. Accounts closed by PolishWomen.com due to member abuse will not be reopened, nor will any refund be issued for a VIP Membership.

IMPORTANT: These Terms of Service and Privacy Policy are null and void in case of a chargeback dispute initiated by the user or the user's bank. In order to prevent further criminal activities, offenders will be publicly exposed (that includes publishing their personal information). The violating accounts will also be permanently disabled.

We reserve the right to modify Terms of Service posted on our Web site at any time without notice. All new, modified, or amended provisions shall be binding to you on the day they are posted. You are solely responsible for ensuring your knowledge of and compliance with our most current Terms of Service. If you decline or disagree with any new, modified, or amended Terms of Service, you shall discontinue using our services by following the cancellation procedures described above.


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You agree to not hold PolishWomen.com, its members, partners, or affiliates responsible for anything that has been uploaded to the Web site or that results from uploading any material to the Web site, including fake profiles, fake pictures, or any other false information provided by users. You agree to indemnify all parties representing and affiliated with PolishWomen.com for any monetary losses and liabilities, including attorney’s fees, associated with your inappropriate or malicious use of this Web site and/or breach of this agreement.

We do not warrant the service will be available on continuous and uninterrupted basis or will fulfill users’ expectations or goals. The Web site may be periodically subject to updates that render it temporarily unavailable. PolishWomen.com is not responsible for any actions of its users that result in slander, defamation, annoyance, or any other negative outcome. You agree to not hold PolishWomen.com liable for any damages, tangible and intangible, direct and indirect, caused by using or not being able to use this Web site for any reason whatsoever, whether the damages could have been reasonably foreseen by PolishWomen.com or not.