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Why PolishWomen.com?

The authors of PolishWomen.com had four goals in mind when creating this website:

  • to connect and match Polish women from around the world with men to build a relationship
  • to connect and match Polish and foreign men with Polish women living in Poland or abroad
  • to connect and match Polish women seeking employment with employers willing to hire Polish women
  • to connect and match global employers with Polish women looking for a job in Poland or abroad

We are not yet another dating service or employment agency for women that would focus on getting more and more random members in a short period of time without considering poor effectiveness of such an approach. Instead, we tried to focus on men, employers, and Polish women who, we believe, are one of the most beautiful, family-oriented, and hard working women in the world. We know Polish women; all members of our staff are Polish or have Polish background.

Why would I want to become a member of PolishWomen.com?

Both free and VIP membership have a lot of benefits (which are presented on the Frequently Asked Questions page). However, these are not the most important things you should consider in your search for a partner, an employee, or a job. The most important is that we want you to spend your time on our website as efficiently as possible. That means we have developed it in a way so that you could focus on your ultimate goal and reach it quickly in the real world.

Register, search, find, connect, and achieve your goal!

These are five easy steps Polish women should take to find a perfect partner or a job in Poland or abroad. The same easy steps apply to men looking for Polish women and employers willing to hire Polish females.

Don’t waste your time, money, and energy on fruitless search on general, unfocused websites that feature random and disinterested users - join PolishWomen.com and be an active member to end your journey having a perfect partner, good job, or a qualified and professional employee on your side!